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Competition Information


Southern California Outrigger Racing Association (SCORA)
The Southern California Outrigger Racing Association (SCORA) is the governing body for the sport of outrigger canoe racing in Southern California, Arizona and Nevada. Most of its teams reside on Southern California beaches between San Diego and San Luis Obispo with several outlying teams in Catalina and surrounding states. SCORA sanctions outrigger competitions and provides competitive ocean training programs to foster the healthy, active lifestyle of its members.

SCORA is a member of both the Pacific Outrigger Canoe Association (POCA) and the International Va'a Federation (IVF), the latter being the governing body for outrigger canoe racing worldwide. The IVF, Va'a meaning canoe in Tahitian, sanctions international races including biennial World Sprints. Members of the IVF reside in all points of the globe including Tahiti, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hawai'i, California, New York, Guam and France. The World Sprints are held in select global venues for the specific purpose of gaining recognition as a competitive sport in the Olympics. more...


A new paddler is called a novice and will be a novice his or her first year through the sprint races. The competitive season for 6-man canoes consists of practicing and racing from March-October (SCORA races end in September). The first races of the season are the Iron races, which begin in May. Iron races are continuous races with six paddlers starting the race and working together to finish the race. Sprint races are the second part of the race season and consist of short-distance races often conducted with elimination heats that allow participation in multiple races and multiple divisions throughout the day. These races may be straight short-distance races out to buoys and back or conducted in lanes with turns. The season ends with 9-man races. These races involve nine paddlers, a 6-man canoe, and a motorized "escort boat." Six paddlers start the race in the canoe with three extra paddlers in the escort boat. Over the course of the race, the paddlers in the escort boat will switch or "change out" with the paddlers in the canoe, giving everyone short rest and hydration/refueling breaks in the escort boat.



Iron Races


   Novice races are 4-6 miles long

   Women's, Men's, & Coed are 12-18 miles

Sprint Races


   Most races are 1000 meters-2 miles

9-man Races


   All races are 18-30 miles

Catalina Crossing

US Championships


   Women's & Coed 9-man crews paddle from Newport to Catalina Island on Saturday - 27 miles

   Men's 9-man crews paddle from Catalina back to Newport on Sunday - 31 miles

Current SCORA Race Rules.


Non-SCORA races of interest include events in Northern California (e.g., Alcatraz Challenge), New York (e.g., Liberty Cup, Hawai'i (e.g., Queen Lili'uokalani in Kona, Moloka'i, races, etc.), Canada (e.g. Howe Sound in Gibsons, BC), Australia (e.g., Hamilton Cup), and World Sprint Championships, which is held in various locations worldwide every two years.



There must be at least three entries in each division to make the division official.


Adult Divisions

         Women's Novice Spec (any age is eligible)

         Women's Novice Bradley (any age is eligible)

         Men's Novice Spec (any age is eligible)

         Men's Novice Bradley (any age is eligible)

         Coed Novice (any age is eligible)

         Women's Short Course (any age is eligible)

         Women's Open Spec (any age is eligible)

         Women's Open Bradley (any age is eligible)

         Women's Masters (35 and older)

         Women's Senior Masters (45 and older)

         Women's Golden Masters (50 and older)

         Men's Short Course (any age is eligible)

         Men's Open Spec (any age is eligible)

         Men's Open Bradley (any age is eligible)

         Men's Masters (35 and older)

         Men's Senior Masters (45 and older)

         Men's Golden Masters (55 and older)

         Coed Open (any age is eligible)

         Coed Masters (35 and older)


Coed divisions can include up to three men for Iron and up to four men for 9-man races.


Keiki (Kids) Divisions

         12 and Under Girls

         12 and Under Boys

         14 and Under Girls

         14 and Under Boys

         16 and Under Girls

         16 and Under Boys

         19 and Under Women

         19 and Under Men

For current summer race schedule, consult the SCORA website.


"Every race is an occasion for the celebration of team spirit, meeting the challenge of competition, the test of determination, and the solidarity of club pride."  Kawika Sands


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