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Practice Information
Summer is here and that means warm weather and the beach! Kupa'a Mau Outrigger Canoe Club has the honor and privilege of perpetuating the Hawai'ian sport of outrigger canoe paddling by sharing this rich culture with all of you.

We are celebrating our tenth year aboard Camp Pendleton as an MCCS endorsed club providing FREE recreation and community building activities for our military families (membership fees apply for civilian paddlers). If you enjoy water sports, camaraderie, and competition, please join us on the water to paddle. For more information, please contact
Rich Biasi or at (760) 525-7186.


Summer Season

Kupa'a Mau Outrigger Canoe Club practices are as follows from March until the middle of September.


Men and Women:  Monday and Thursday at 1730 hours (5:30 pm) and Saturdays at 0800 hours (8:00 am).


Practice Site Location

Kupa'a Mau Outrigger Canoe Club has found a home for our canoes and our paddlers at Del Mar Beach, Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton (north San Diego County, California).

Del Mar Beach is located at the southern end of Camp Pendleton and offers miles of magnificent surf.  One of North County San Diego's best kept secrets, Del Mar Beach is one of Southern California's most exclusive surf breaks.  A breakwater pushes almost a mile into the Pacific, and rolls in with authority.  The beach features a boat basin, restrooms,  hot showers and barbecue pits and is clean, quiet, and relaxing. 

Del Mar Beach is open to the military, their dependents, retirees, and their guests.  Access to the base is available for paddlers through the front gate of Camp Pendleton (there are several other gates for entry into Camp Pendleton, but you can only get a temporary pass at the main gate you may be asked to show your valid drivers license, proof of insurance and proof of registration when entering).   


Interstate 5 runs along Camp Pendleton.

From the south: drive north toward Oceanside and take the Oceanside Harbor/ Camp Pendleton exit to the main gate.

From the north: drive toward Oceanside and take the Camp Pendleton exit to the main gate.


  • After entering the front gate, you will be on Vandegrift Road.
  • Turn left at Wire Mountain Road (the first stoplight) which takes you on a bridge over the I-5 (you are now on A Street). 
  • Turn left on Harbor
  • Turn left on B Street and follow around to the Consolidated Dive Locker
  • We launch from the concrete ramp into the water

What to Bring to Practice

  • PAPERWORK TO GET ON BASE: Valid drivers license, proof of insurance and proof of registration
  • PADDLE: Of course, you need your paddle. If you do not have one, we can loan you a club paddle.
  • DRINK: Many paddlers like to bring a small bottle of water or sports drink to carry with them in the boat.
  • HEADBAND: Bring a headband, hairband, or hat of some sort to keep your hair out of your face.
  • A DRY T-SHIRT: It's up to you, but most paddlers prefer to have a dry towel and a T-shirt or sweatshirt to put on after practice.
  • SUNSCREEN: Especially on race day at the beach and any daytime practices.
  • PADDLING CLOTHES: You'll see a lot of paddlers wearing neoprene (wet suit material) shorts, short or long sleeve dryfit/polyester shirts and flip flops/surf booties. Neoprene is popular with paddlers because it cushions the hard seats of the canoe and minimizes chafing.  

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